Monumen Sister City Braunschweig

Braunschweig Sister City Monument was made as a symbol of Bandung’s diplomatic relationship with the city of Braunschweig, Germany. Sister City is a diplomatic collaboration between two cities from two countries that possess similar problems. It highlights the exchange of socio cultural values, economic trades, and student exchanges. The sister city relationship with Braunschweig was the oldest in Indonesia.

Terletak di Jalan Wastukencana, Monumen Sister City Braunschweig ini adalah simbol kerjasama antara Kota Bandung dengan Kota Braunschweig. Kota Braunschweig merupakan kota terbesar ke dua di Niedersachsen. Niedersachsen adalah negara bagian Jerman. Kerjasama yang dilakukan pada bidang sosial budaya, pelatihan dan pertukaran pemuda. Kerjasama Braunschwieg adalah kerjasama paling lama di Indonesia.

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TitleMonumen Sister City Braunschweig
Also known as
Inauguration Date
Located inBandung
Address/LocationJl. Wastukencana, Bandung
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