Patung 2 Tentara

The Statue of Two Soldiers was made to commemorate Indonesian Army’s fight to lock down rebellions that spurred in numerous places after the declaration of Indonesia’s independence. This statue was issued by Kodam III/Siliwangi military unit in Bandung and was officiated by Infantry Lieutenant Colonel Tandyo Budi on July 23, 2011. This statue was made of cement with an iron frame and coated with black, gray, dark brown and dark red paint.

Patung ini memperingati perjuangan TNI dalam pemberantasan pemberontakan di daerah-daerah pasca kemerdekaan RI. Diresmikan pada tanggal 23 juli tahun 2011 oleh letkol infantri Tandyo Budi R. Patung ini terbuat dari semen dengan rangka besi dan dilapisi cat monokrom berwarna hitam, abu, coklat tua dan merah tua.

Detail Info

TitlePatung 2 Tentara
Also known as
Inauguration Date
Located inBandung
Address/LocationJl. Tongkeng, Bandung
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