Patung R.S. Cicendo

The sculpture stands on the courtyard of Cicendo Hospital. It is now covered with bushes and surrounded by fences, making it difficult to see from across the road. Visitors who wish to see the sculpture must enter Cicendo Hospital’s parking space first so that it can be seen clearly. This sculpture is white in color with a composition that is full of contours and notches that adorns its back and front.

Patung yang bertempat di pelataran lahan R.S. Cicendo ini kini tertutupi semak-semak dan dikelilingi pagar sehingga membuatnya sulit terlihat dari seberang jalan. Pengunjung yang ingin melihat patung harus masuk ke dalam lahan parkir R.S. Cicendo terlebih dahulu agar dapat terlihat jelas. Patung ini berwarna putih dengan komposisi bentuk yang penuh akan kontur dan cerukan-cerukan yang mengisi sisi belakang dan depan patung.

Detail Info

TitlePatung R.S. Cicendo
Also known as
Inauguration Date
Located inLahan R.S. Cicendo, Bandung
Address/LocationJl. Cicendo, Bandung
Artwork Type
Project Budget
Funding Source
Person in charge

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