Taman Angklung

The Angklung Sculpture stands in a park with the same name, that is Angklung Park. The sculpture sits on a pedestal with blue-colored top surface. It displays an open book surrounded by three Angklung, all objects made of copper. Angklung itself is one of Indonesia’s traditional musical instrument that has been known globally as the country’s characteristic. This instrument is played by holding it in front of our body and then shaking it left to right. Each Angklung has different tone.

Tugu Angklung berdiri di sebuah taman dengan penamaan yang sama, yakni Taman Angklung. Tugu tersebut berada di atas sebuah base yang berwarna biru pada bagian atasnya. Tugu menampilkan sebuah buku terbuka yang dikelilingi dengan tiga buah Angklung, seluruh objek terbuat dari tembaga.

Detail Info

TitleTaman Angklung
Also known as
Inauguration Date
Located inBandung
Address/LocationJl. Dalem Kaum, Bandung
Artwork Type
Project Budget
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